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I love exercise. I enjoy activity and working my muscles. It is also a great way to feel out anger and clear the past from my mind. Using it as fuel. It’s rewarding to feel the mental calm and bodily fatigue. Exhaustion as a pleasure.

I like to focus on core strength so I often close my eyes while on the mat.  Closing my eyes removes the outside world and its distractions. My world turns a dark lavender and softly quiet. I feel powerful and grounded.

I’ve lead an active life. I started jogging in my teens and worked out at home with my father’s dumbbells. Stretching was not something we did back then. Today it’s recommended and for me necessary. Yoga is part of my daily routine.

Meditation is part of my life. I schedule time for meditation as I schedule time for work and sleep. It’s that important.

Walking on a lonely beach gives you the space to immerse yourself  without closing your eyes. The surf, sand and wind, an encompassing sensorial satisfaction filling the moment. Stopping, standing, taking a long breath, and exhaling with the rhythm of the sea.


One comment on “Stopping, standing, taking a breath and exhaling with the rhythm of the sea 

  1. Sandra says:

    Beautifull, I do this on the mountans with the rythum of the wind and the clouds.


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