Spencer Brown #ABGT300 Live at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong (Full 4K Ultra HD Set)



Spencer Brown live for the 300th edition of Group Therapy Radio. Broadcast live from The Asiaworld-Expo, Hong Kong, on 29th September 2018. Video produced by Anjunabeats and NOMOBO. 4K live production by www.nomobo.tv

With thanks to our friends at Nomobo and Live Nation Electronic Asia.

1. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne ‘ID’
2. Spencer Brown & Qrion ‘ID’            
3. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne ‘ID’       
4. Spencer Brown & Qrion ‘ID’
5. Spencer Brown ‘ID’
6. Spencer Brown ‘Windows 95 on Acid’
7. Spencer Brown & Raito ‘ID’
8. Spencer Brown & Raito ‘ID’
9. Spencer Brown ‘ID’                       
10. Spencer Brown ‘Nightwalk’               
11. Spencer Brown ‘Will I Ever Find Love’       
12. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne ‘ID’
13. Spencer Brown ‘ID’

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