Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action feat. Alex Vargas

A deeply musical and expansive collection, Above & Beyond’s third artist album “We Are All We Need” is an an album that places human relationships at its core, and explores the experiences and emotions that bind us.

Ranging from anthemic festival tracks such as “All Over The World” to downtempo moments like “Little Something” feat. Justine Suissa, the album also features the singles “We’re All We Need” feat. Zoë Johnston, “Blue Sky Action” and “Sticky Fingers” feat. Alex Vargas.

The album’s distinctive hand-print artwork is made up of the names of A&B fans from all over the world – plus the names of the band members and album contributors.

A deep, musical and melodic approach to electronic dance music, “We Are All We Need’ is rich in texture and emotion – capturing the iconic band at their best.

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